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Distribution Date: Thursday, May 9, 2024



For Non-Pre-Registered Guests: Our East parking lot and our line will open at 3:30pm. Please enter our East entrance off of Hwy K and park in our parking lot. DOORS TO OUR BUILDING WILL BE LOCKED UNTIL 4PM. At 4pm, enter our building through the South door. Once inside, volunteers will direct you on where to sign in, where to donate, and then direct you inside our Sanctuary until the distribution begins at 4:30pm. When your number is called you will go straight to your vehicle and drive around to the North end of the building to have your groceries loaded in the trunk of your vehicle, as we've done in previous months. Please note: when you sign in and donate, your food and your place in line is secured.  

For Pre-Registered Guests: Enter our East Parking Lot at your scheduled time. If you arrive early you will be asked to stay in your vehicle until your pick up time. Please park in our parking lot and enter our building through the South door to check in with our volunteers. You will be allowed to check in at your scheduled time. Then they will direct you to get your vehicle. Please pull your vehicle around to the North end of the building to have your groceries loaded in the trunk of your vehicle.

Location: Grace Christian Church, 1596 Fourth St., Fond du Lac, on the corner of Fourth Street and Highway K. 


Online Pre-Registration/Express Track Reservation: Pre-register online at:!

Time slots open the day after our distribution, and close at 3pm the day before our distribution, or as soon as it's filled up. If you pre-register you will be allowed in the building at the specified time slot you selected. Do not come early to the distribution. Your food is pre-bagged by our volunteers and set aside for you at your time slot. You do not need to bring any bags, baskets, or boxes. Please make sure your pre-registration was successful by verifying you received a confirmation email after donating online for your share(s) with your credit or debit card. If you do not follow through with your donation and receive that confirmation email, you did not successfully pre-register for a share. If you have a Ruby's certificate, you can use it to pre-register for a share. Use the drop down menu and input the certificate number. Please note Ruby's charges a $1 service fee when donating online for your express track reservation.


What To Expect: Two food shares maximum PER VEHICLE. Vehicle’s trunk must be EMPTY. Due to the amount of food it's a good idea to have the back seat empty as well. Food shares will be pre-bagged and loaded in trunk by our volunteers. You do not need to bring any bags, baskets, or boxes for your food.


Food List: We will try to post a list of food items on the Fond du Lac Ruby’s Pop-Up Pantry Facebook page 24-48 hours before the distribution.


Donation: $25 cash donation only per food share. (1 share equals 1 grocery cart of food.) If you would like to use a certificate, please print it out and bring it to the distribution or be able to pull up the certificate number from the e-mail on your phone.


Volunteers:  We are in need of volunteers who are physically capable of consistently lifting 10-20 lbs., being on their feet, bending, and moving at a quick pace. Volunteers ages 10-13 must be accompanied by an adult. If you are interested in volunteering please go to and fill out a volunteer application. Volunteers are able to donate for a food share. They must donate BEFORE 3:50pm for their share, and are required to stay until the end of the distribution. If a volunteer cannot make the 3:50pm cutoff to donate for a share, they may contact another volunteer to "buddy up" with them. That volunteer can donate and sign up for a volunteer share on their behalf. Volunteers must make these arrangements ahead of time.

All applicants need to have their own individual e-mail address, not share a family e-mail address to apply. (Example: if a husband and wife share the same e-mail, each will need their own e-mail address to apply; if a teen shares a family e-mail address, the teen will need their own e-mail address, not the family’s e-mail address to apply). If a shared e-mail address is used during the application, the application will not process, even though it may look like it did. The applicant will then be notified to fill out another application. We appreciate your patience and cooperation with Ruby’s new process. 


Applications and background checks must be approved BEFORE the day of the distribution in order for an applicant to volunteer. We can not accept any new volunteers on-site, the night of the distribution.


Please email if you have further questions or concerns.